The 80/20 Principal for MASSIVE Success

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I just finished listening to a podcast that really came across as a critical concept for EVERY business owner to keep in front of their mind. The interview was with Perry Marshall who is the author of the “80/20 Sales and Marketing” and The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords.

Ultimately, the book teaches us that we need to focus our efforts on the 20% of customers who bring us the 80% of our sales. That even drills down to the 20% of the 20% until you get down to about 1% are bringing you around 50% of your results.

I really suggest you take the time to listen to this podcast. Here is the link;

As a tip, if you read through the transcript, there are some very helpful URL’s mentioned on how to evaluate whether Facebook or Adwords are suitable for your business.

Until next time, enjoy your day!

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