My ASUS Router Experience

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Hey, have you ever bought a product and had to return it for a warranty repair?

I recently had the misfortune of having my beloved ASUS Router stop working just a little over a year after I bought it.

Now, often, that would spell DISASTER! A month past that 1 year warranty mark. But to my surprise and delight, this particular RT-AC3200 came with a 3 year warranty!  If you take a look at the link you can see how valuable this old router was…. well at least what it’s selling for here now.  About 6 times what I had paid for it actually.

So I went ahead and sent a support ticket to the ASUS tech team and they responded with the most painful reply; that I needed to take it back to the retailer we bought it from.  That was not what I was hoping to do.  Drive an hour away and deal with some people who would have little interest in helping me.

To sort this out, I decided to call them on the phone.  Thankfully, the ASUS Tech I spoke to was able to send me the instructions for mailing my dead router back to the repair center.  I did that and waited a few days to see what comes.  No emails or calls came so I started to worry my old router was history.

SURPRISE!!! Out of nowhere a package arrived at the door and here was a brand new RT-AC5300 Gaming Router.  Even ‘better’ than the year old one I had sent them.  How could I be so lucky?

Well frankly, I am so pleased with ASUS now I just had to write about them and let everyone know.  Thoroughly recommend their products.  It’s well worth buying one of their higher-end routers for your home versus using the free ones the ISP’s will give you.  These routers are ideal when you have a few people watching Netflix or gaming or YouTube videos.

Since we often have at least 10 devices running at the same time, we have to use a better router.  Hope this helps anyone reading!

Find your ASUS Router here!


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