Where to begin online when you are clueless?

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I originally knew a lot about the internet and technology and how to make a website or start an ecommerce store, but I had never really made any money from my own online business. I was pretty clueless!

The first place I got started was through an online training course which I really enjoyed but that said it was not the first place I made my own online sales. I actually got started making money online by setting up my own business.

What this entailed was getting a domain name registered and then having a membership site built for me and that was pre-loaded with digital training products and tools.

Behind this website was a connection to my PayPal account so when someone purchased a product, the full payment came right to me. Yes, that’s right, I got the entire payment, not just a small cut like an Affiliate would typically receive.

Now this was really eye opening for me and I quickly learned the value and potential of an automated online business. I knew once I made that first sale that I could do this again and a whole lot more.

If you have questions, get in touch with me.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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